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Our New Works of Art Website

If you’ve visited our website recently, you’ve probably noticed our extensive online collection of artwork. If you haven’t, now is a great time to see our collection in an interesting new way. We’ve recently redesigned our works of art website. There’s plenty to see and do.
What’s new online?

Our new and improved works of art website has a new look and feel. It’s very similar to our members' magazine. This is part of our effort to make all of our materials even friendlier. We’ve also made it easier for you to sort the collection in a variety of ways—by date, medium, place of origin and even the objects’ locations within the museum. Our search engine has been overhauled. Now, it will be easier to find the treasures you’re looking for, from our collection of thousands. If you want to casually browse the collection, we’ve improved some features to help. You can more easily add tags to the artworks which help you and others find and describe similar objects.

We’ve added more information about the artworks, such as conservation treatments and exhibition histories. This information will give you a better sense of the surprisingly active life of a museum object. One feature we’re excited about is Community Collections. Now, you can be your own online curator. When you find a piece that you like, click a button and can add it to one of your own collections. These collections will be useful to anyone who would like to share a group of artworks with others.
Speaking of sharing, we’ve made it easier for you to share artwork via social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You can also download any of our images to your computer or mobile device, so that you can use our images in other ways, for free. There is no copyright on our images. You are free to use them, under the Creative Commons license. This basically means that all we ask in return is that you give credit to the museum for the images you use, and that you allow others to share them as well.
Why did we redesign it?

In 2009, we posted digital images and associated information about more than 5,000 art objects to our website. Since then, the online collection has more than doubled, and its audience has more than doubled along with it. We wanted to make a few changes to accommodate the growth, to respond to our visitors’ feedback, to make the website easier to use and to make it more inviting to a growing number of users, and we were fortunate to receive support of this endeavor from the National Endowment for the Arts.
As always, we want to bring art and people together for enjoyment, discovery and learning. On the internet, we want to project the Walters’ artworks out into the world so that they are better known and can be shared with national and international audiences. We also want to facilitate study of the Walters’ artworks and encourage their use in educational activities.
Please take a look at our new website, and try the new features. We hope it will help you make some new discoveries.

The upgrade to the Walters' works of art website was funded by a generous grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Design and implementation support was provided Fastspot.