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Pretend You're the Collector

If you’ve visited our online collection of artwork recently, you’ve probably noticed that you can use it to build your own collection. If you haven’t, now is a great time, not only to see the collection in an exciting way, but to use it. 

We’re inviting visitors to play the role of collector. As you browse the online collection, use the “add to collection” button to gather up a set of the things you like. Along the way, if any words come to your mind about the artworks, feel free to add them to the “tag” field shown near each artwork. 

This is all part of Public Property, a participatory exhibition, opening in June 2012. Here at the Walters, we’ll look to your collections as guidance for the theme of that exhibition. Later, we’ll invite you, the visitors, to weigh in on that theme, to make the final decision about it, and then to choose which artworks best fit that theme. 

But for now, feel free to browse, collect and enjoy. All you have to do is visit .

Here’s a short video overview of the online collection, to help you get started. 

Our New Works of Art Site from Walters Museum on Vimeo.


To participate in this activity offline, in the museum, ask for one of the activity cards at the visitor services desk.