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Ethiopian Art

Essays by Kelly M. Holbert, Getatchew Haile, Jacques Mercier, and C. Griffith Mann

Historically, Ethiopia was a Christian kingdom with strong ties in both trade and religion to the cultures located around the Mediterranean. Ethiopia's Christian tradition dates back to the 4th century, when the king of the Aksumite kingdom converted to Christianity; by the 15th century, this African nation had developed a tradition of icon painting that rivaled that of the Orthodox empires of Byzantium and Russia as well as the famed panel paintings of Renaissance Italy. The collection of Ethiopian Art at the Walters Art Museum, exhibited with those of Byzantium and Russia in a permanent gallery devoted to the art of the Orthodox world, is now the largest outside of Ethiopia itself. This book celebrates Ethiopian art and reveals a vibrant world of color, ritual, and spirituality.

144 pages
10.9”h x 8.2”w


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