The Walters Art Museum

The Walters Art Museum Teen Arts Council

The Walters Art Museum Teen Arts Council is a group of high school students interested in exploring and promoting art. WAMTAC plans events at the museum for other youth; hosts community arts workshops around Baltimore city and county; implements collaborative projects with youth-led groups; writes grants to support arts programs; and produces a zine to circulate within local and area highs schools. We also have the chance to interact with museum staff to learn about all kinds of artistic careers (we even got to go into the conservation lab!) Basically, are a group of dedicated, quirky, fun youth who love art.

Do's, Dont's, How-to's, Why Not’s: a Zine For Teens About Museums and Art

This is a zine, or "mini-magazine" that we made for you.

Check out all the links below to get a taste of all that goes on in and around the museum.

Get Involved

Do you want to get involved with the teen arts council? Discover ways to become active members of the museum.

Behind the Scenes

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at a museum? Who selects the art that is on display? Who takes care of the art? Check out all the latest with interviews and photos.

Raise Your Voice

Got opinions? Don't keep them to yourselves, we want to hear them! Pose questions, take polls, learn about other artists and discuss the wonderful world of fine art.

Smart Art

Discover more about artwork at the museum. Learn why some historical pieces are considered scandalous, while others are the social norm. Explore periods of art history. Discover how today's artists are documenting society.

Make your Mark

Got art? We want to see it! View other contemporary art work and submit your own work to be displayed in this virtual gallery.

The Buzz

See what's going on around the city. Don't miss out on all the action including must-see performances and exceptional exhibits. Check out the calendar of arts events in Baltimore.