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The Walters Art Museum
Board of Trustees 2017-2018

Given as a bequest from Henry Walters to the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore in 1931 "for the benefit of the public," the Walters Art Museum has since its founding been governed by an independent Board of Trustees and its by-laws. The museum benefits from the wisdom, support, and advocacy of these community leaders:

Officers and Trustees

  • Ellen N. Bernard, Chair
  • James H. DeGraffenreidt, Jr., President
  • Christine M. Espenshade, Vice President
  • Guy E. Flynn, Vice President
  • Michael B. Glick, Vice President
  • Charles Nabit, Vice President
  • Lynn Homeier Rauch, Vice President
  • Michael J. Young, Treasurer
  • Julia Marciari-Alexander, Secretary, Executive Director
  • Calvin Baker
  • Peter Bain
  • Elizabeth Bonner
  • José Bowen
  • H. Ward Classen
  • Brad Davidson
  • Michael De Havenon
  • Elke F. Durden
  • Cynthia L. Egan
  • Margaret Z. Ferguson
  • Deanna R. Fidler
  • Jonathan M. Fishman
  • Susan D. Ginkel
  • Michael B. Glick
  • Ricardo (Rick) Lobo
  • Nancy E. McColgan
  • Neil A. Meyerhoff
  • Alexander G. Núñez
  • Joshua R. Perry
  • Judy Witt Phares
  • Matthew Polk
  • George K. Reynolds, III
  • Gail Shawe
  • Karen Clifford Smith
  • Roslyn L. Smith
  • Betsey L. B. Todd
  • Frank K. Turner, Jr.
  • Judith Van Dyke
  • Michiel Van Katwijk
  • Mary Baily Wieler

Ex-Officio Members

  • The Honorable Catherine E. Pugh, Mayor of Baltimore City
  • The Honorable Bernard C. Young, President of the Baltimore City Council
  • Mary J. Demory, Representative of the City Council President
  • The Honorable Lawrence J. Hogan, Jr., Governor of the State of Maryland
  • The Honorable Kevin Kamenetz, Baltimore County Executive
  • Adele Kass, Representative of Baltimore County
  • The Honorable Allan H. Kittleman, Howard County Executive
  • Carol B. Doctrow, President of the Docents
  • Yvonne Lenz, Chair of the Women’s Committee
  • Chapman R. Gould, Chair of the Walters Enthusiasts (WE)

Trustees Emeriti

  • Rosalee C. Davison
  • Robert S. Feinberg
  • John Gilmore Ford
  • Douglas W. Hamilton, Jr.
  • Samuel K. Himmelrich, Sr.
  • Andrea B. Laporte
  • William L. Paternotte
  • Adena W. Testa
  • Jay M. Wilson