Director’s Message

From Julia Marciari-Alexander, PhD, Andrea B. & John H. Laporte Director of the Walters Art Museum

Art moves us, inspires us, and offers hope to us all. Its power lies in its ability to allow each of us to see and experience the world through different perspectives, to travel through time, and to explore new ideas.

At the Walters Art Museum we celebrate the beauty of the human experience. We learn about the lives our ancestors, and we grapple with the complexities of our shared history. We see, think, and feel in new ways when we engage with art.

Since our founding, the Walters has proudly carried forth our mission to make art freely accessible to the Baltimore community so that every resident can experience this wonderful collection, which spans more than 7,000 years of history.

Upon his death, Henry Walters bequeathed the collection that he and his father, William T. Walters, had built, along with the magnificent museum building on Charles Street, to the mayor and city council of Baltimore. The Walters Art Gallery—now the Walters Art Museum—opened its doors for the first time as a public institution in 1934 and became free in 2006. Today, the Walters continues to be a place where all are welcome, and a guiding force within Baltimore’s art and culture community.

Whether you have just a few moments or an entire afternoon, we invite you to spend some time with these extraordinary works of art. This is your museum. Enjoy your visit.