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Sunday, February 28, 2016 at 02:00 PM

In celebration of the opening of A Renaissance Original: Carlo Crivelli and the artist whose rare and dazzling paintings mix the otherworldly with the everyday, the Walters presents a panel discussion with three special speakers. Explore why Crivelli is unique among 15th-century Italian painters with Stephen J. Campbell, Henry and Elizabeth Wiesenfeld Professor of Art History at Johns Hopkins University; investigate the physics and science behind the construction of panel paintings with Karen French, Walters Senior Painting Conservator; and marvel at the proper techniques for slaying dragons with Joaneath Spicer, James A. Murnaghan Curator of Renaissance and Baroque Art.

Karen French
The Devil is in the Details: Constructing a Crivelli Altarpiece
What was involved in making a multi-panel altarpiece or polyptych? How did a Renaissance artist and his workshop prepare wooden panels and use limited materials to create rich, illusionistic paintings? Crivelli worked in the transitional time between the Italian Gothic era and the Renaissance, his gold backgrounds, naturalistic figures and manipulation of materials reflect this in his paintings.

Joaneath Spicer
How to Slay a Dragon
Crivelli depicts St. George slaying a dragon using the wrong kind of lance. Any hunter or historian could have told him to paint a different weapon, one that could actually be used to kill a dragon. So why would he make this “mistake”?

Stephen Campbell
Beyond Rome and Venice: Carlo Crivelli and the Renaissance in the Adriatic
This talk will specifically address that which makes the work of Carlo Crivelli so distinctive.  Using excellent examples of painting from the Marches in the Walters’ collection, Campbell will highlight the special advantage the Museum has for talking about Crivelli in relation to his contemporaries. 

Museum programs can be canceled, changed, or altered on occasion, due to inclement weather for example. Please review the cancellation policy for more information.

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