dueling warriors

Riders Competing in a Horse Race (detail), Black-figure pseudo-Panathenaic amphora, ca. 500-480 BCE.

Teachers' Guide to Heroes: Mortals and Myths in Ancient Greece

Heroes Book Cover

This guide is for teachers to begin planning a field trip with students to the exhibition. This guide introduces each section of the exhibition and provides related, short backgrounds, suggested pre-and post-visit activities, as well as other content to help prepare and guide your students' experience.

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The Walters Art Museum

Click on Integrating the Arts for lesson plans and interactive materials about ancient art.

Theoi Greek Mythology Project
The site contains more than 1,500 pages profiling the Greek gods and other characters from Greek mythology and 1,200 full sized pictures.

The Iliad
The Iliad is an epic poem recounting significant events during a portion of the final year of the Trojan War, including the Greek siege of the city of Troy.

The Odyssey
This epic poem is the sequel to The Iliad . It tells the story of Odysseus and his long journey home following the fall of Troy. It takes Odysseus ten years, and many adventures with Gods and monsters, to return home.

Mythweb’s Animated Greek Mythology
Knowing the names and exploits of Greek Heroes is essential for understanding references in literature and even popular culture today. These amusing cartoons should help.

Classic Children’s Books about Ancient Greece
This archive is a treasure-trove of children’s books. There are books about mythology, tragedies, comedies, military history… There’s something for any child’s inquiring mind.

The Iliad for Boys and Girls
An audio book for a children’s story version of The Iliad. You can download the audio book in several formats, including a format for iTunes.

Encyclopedia Mythica
A large encyclopedia of information about the body of traditional tales concerning the gods, heroes, and rituals of the ancient Greeks.

Loggia’s Mythography
An encyclopedic list of the many Greek heroes and heroines, each with a full description.

Herakles vs. Hercules
Was the Greek Herakles the same hero that the Romans worshiped as Hercules? The answer devolves from Yes to Maybe and then No.

The Ancient City of Athens

A photographic archive of the archaeological and architectural remains of ancient Athens (Greece). It is intended primarily as a resource for students and teachers of classical art & archaeology, civilization, languages, and history.


Ancient Greece Jeopardy
Play Jeopardy with questions about Ancient Greece.

Greek Gods: Matching, Concentration, & Word Search
Test your knowledge of the names from Greek mythology with these matching, concentration and word search games.

The Odyssey: A Choose Your Own Adventure Game
In this web game you can choose to be either Odysseus himself or his young son Telemachus or his beautiful wife, Penelope.