A Participatory Exhibition at the Walters Art Museum

The exhibition this summer is an experiment. It is built to be an experience that you helped create. It is about the choices we make as a museum, as a collective and it is about creating equity in decision-making.

Through the exhibition and ongoing discourse with the public, we hope to raise some questions, including: How can we, the public, effectively work together to make choices about art? What choices will we make? Are they valid? Why or why not? Are you sure?

We will invite your opinion on a number of decisions. Then, visit the museum this summer when Public Property opens and continue to contribute to, and change, this public exhibition.

At each stage of the exhibition process, the museum is encouraging and supporting public contribution and decision-making. Responsive elements in the exhibition itself will ask visitors to make choices that may impact future museum decisions, as well as give greater insight into the choices we make about art.