The Walters Art Museum

Meet Waltee

Waltee is our cute and cuddly lion cub mascot for family programs at the Walters Art Museum. Waltee has lots of cat relatives living in every collection within the museum. Take a close look in the galleries for a glimpse of one of the members of Waltee's family.

When you visit the museum, look for Waltee to point the way to family-friendly activities and programs.

Take Waltee home today! Visit the museum store to purchase your own Waltee plush toy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Waltee

Where does Waltee come from?

Ancient Egypt

Where does Waltee live?
At the Walters!

What language does Waltee speak?
Egyptian Arabic, but sometimes he likes to practice his roar!

When can I meet Waltee?
At the next Family Festival.

Waltee illustrations by Brian Ralph.