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Members' Frequently Asked Questions

The Walters Art Museum Membership staff is here to help you. Please use this page as a reference or you can contact the Membership Department to answer your questions.

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Q. Why join or renew my membership when there is free admission at the Walters?

A. Membership is still the best way to experience everything the Walters has to offer! The many benefits of membership are more valuable and distinctive than ever before. As a member, you have special access and discounts throughout the museum, as well as opportunities for enhanced leaning and involvement. More importantly, members help to enable the Walters to create a learning space where everyone can be touched by art. A tax-deductible membership helps to support our mission of bringing art and people together for enjoyment, learning, and discovery. This is a wonderful gift not only to the Walters, but to the entire community. Get details of the many benefits of membership.

Q. Does the membership run a calendar year (January thru December) or from the date of purchase?

A. The membership is valid from the day of purchase for one year. It will expire on the end of the month of your anniversary date. For example, if you purchase a membership on August 23, 2006 it will expire on August 30, 2007. NOTE: The membership is valid from the date of purchase, not the date of first visit to the museum.

Q. If I buy a Dual level membership, can I designate the second cardholder as a guest?

A. Yes, the second card would be considered a guest card. With a guest card, you do not need to designate a specific person, rather you can bring a friend with you at anytime.

Q. If I buy a Family membership, can I bring my 19 year old son or daughter to an event?

A. A Family membership includes two adults and any children 18 and under. If your 19 year old son or daughter is a student, why not consider buying them a student membership?

Q. If I am an Individual member, can I bring a guest to a members event?

A. Member events and previews are designed exclusively for members of the Walters. For just $25 more you can join at the Dual level where you can bring a guest at any time as well as any children or grandchildren 18 and under. Alternatively, you may pay a small fee of $5 to bring a guest to a specific members event. (The Membership Department reserves the right to change this policy at any time for any event.)

Q. Where do I show my membership card?

A. We ask that members show their membership card at the Admissions Desk upon arriving at the museum. Members will receive a member sticker, identifying you as an exclusive member of the Walters. Members will also need their Membership card to receive 10% discount at the Café or Museum Store

Q. How do I register for a program, like a seminar or a performance?

A. All of the adult classes, lectures and seminars offered by the museum are planned and supported by the Public Programs Department. Be sure to mention you are a member, as you will receive up to a 50% discount. Browse our website's calendar of museum events or call 410-547-9000, ext. 238 for more information.

Q. How do I register for a program for children, like a childrens art class seminar or summer camp?

A. All of the children and family programs offered by the museum are planned and supported by the Children and Family Programs Department. Be sure to mention that you are a member, as you will receive up to a 50% discount. Browse our website's calendar of museum events or call (410) 547-9000 ext. 325 for more information.

Q. I am a teacher and want to become a member, how do I join?

A. The Walters has a special $5 discount for teachers K-12 who join at the Individual or Dual/Family levels. As educator, you will also have access to resources on the web and teacher programs. To join as a educator member, use our educator member signup form or call 410-547-9000, ext. 283.

Q. Do you reciprocate with other museums?

A. Yes, with a Supporter level membership or above, our members may enjoy free admission to our reciprocal museums permanent collection and discounts in their museum stores. Ticketed exhibitions and special events are not included. Review our list of reciprocal museums.

Q. Do you reciprocate with the Baltimore Museum of Art?

A. Sorry, we do not reciprocate with the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Q. If I lost my card, can I still come to the museum and how do I get another card?

A. Yes, you can stop by in the Centre Street lobby and ask for a temporary card and to order a new card. You can order a new membership card online or call the membership hotline at 410-547-9000, ext. 283.

Q. I just joined as a member two weeks ago and I have not received my new membership card. Can I visit before I receive my card?

A. It generally takes two to four weeks for you to receive your new membership card(s) in the mail. You can use your membership right away, even if you have not received your new membership card(s). Just stop by the Centre Street lobby for a temporary card for you to use for the day.

Q. Is our membership gift tax-deductible?

A. Yes, as a 501(c)(3) organization, your membership gift is fully tax-deductible, unless otherwise noted. As a nonprofit organization, the Walters relies on the generous support from the community to achieve our mission of bringing art and people together for enjoyment, discovery, and learning.

Q. I joined as a member several months ago and I would like to upgrade my membership to add a guest. How can I do that?

A. If you have already joined or renewed, you may upgrade to the next membership level on a pro-rated basis. For information, please call the Members' Hotline at 410-547-9000, ext. 283.