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Ancient Focus Show

November 15, 2008–November 8, 2009

In spring 2008, the University of Maryland and the Walters Art Museum performed a CT scan on a museum mummy to conduct a “virtual autopsy,” discovering more about the person’s age, possible illnesses and cause of death. The virtual autopsy also provided insight about the mummification technique, the kind of wrappings used and the possible presence of amulets—objects worn because they were believed to have magical powers. Most importantly, this process might be able to disclose part of the mummy’s original identity. During Mummified, visitors can learn about the virtual autopsy and ancient Egyptian mummification at two computer stations in the Level 2 lobby. The exhibition will display approximately 20 ancient Egyptian objects, showing images of mummified persons, animals and deities—such as Osiris and Ptah—while explaining the resurrection symbolism of ancient Egyptian mummies.