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Heroes: Mortals and Myths in Ancient Greece

Travel Back in Time with Heroes at the Walters this Fall

Heroes play a vital role in most present and past cultures. What makes a person a hero or heroine, what was expected of them, how were they portrayed and worshiped? This exhibition will explore the inherent human need for heroes through the arts of one of the oldest and most influential cultures in history. Sometimes heroes are portrayed as superhuman protagonists while at other times they emerge as average people who rise above the ordinary. Heroes are acknowledged with admiration by the mass media and sometimes even with offerings, rituals or monuments. Statues, reliefs, vases, bronzes and jewelry will be combined with literary quotes to illustrate the lives of heroes and heroines, including their tasks, adversaries, challenges, failures and private moments. The exhibition will feature over 100 objects from U.S. and European museums as well as pieces from the Walters’ collection.