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Music of the Middle Ages: Songs, Laments and Dances CD

A song of love found and love lost, of love unrequited, of love fought for, and of battles won and lost. Instruments and voices explore the music of the past in songs, laments and dances. Lots of variety and colour evoke the medieval world of chivalry and romance. Most works are anonymous, and are taken from manuscripts of the period.

This album brings together a wide variety of medieval music, using voices, and instruments in a colourful and fascinating way to bring these ancient notes to new life. The groups making the music are all specialists in their field and have transformed the feint dots, lines and markings of a series of medieval manuscripts into fine sounds: with good tunes and rhythms, this music is both touching and exciting to hear.

Performances by Serendipity, The Monks and Novices of St. Frideswide and The Oxford Girls' Choir.

23 tracks, Over 1 Hour of Music

1. Ricercar

2. Ther is no rose of swich vertu

3. Ricercar

4. Dou way Robin

5. Trois sereus

6. Ah Robin, gentle Robin

7. Summer is icumen in

8. Bryd one brere

9. Salterello

10. Lullay, lullay

11. Fowles in the frith

12. Petrone (medieval organ)

13. Gabriel fram evene king

14. Angelus ad virginem

15. Alle, psallite

16. Veni creator

17. Edi be thu

18. Roses in bloom

19. Maiden in the mor lay

20. Nobilis, humilis

21. Ricercar

22. Gloria laus

23. Alleluya psallat