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Untamed: The Art of Antoine-Louis Barye (Softcover)

By William R. Johnston and Simon Kelly

Contributions by Ann Boulton, Julie Lauffenburger, Isabelle Leroy-Jay Lemaistre, and Joseph G. Reinis

Photography by Susan Tobin

Acclaimed by the critic Théophile Gautier as “the Michelangelo of the menagerie,” Antoine-Louis Barye (1795-1875) was one of the great sculptors of the 19th century. Barye produced some of the most technically experimental and controversial sculptures of the century; he also pioneered in the production of extensive editions of bronzes for the rapidly expanding middle-class market. Though best known as an anamalier-an artist specializing in animal sculpture-Barye was also a master of the human form, drawing inspiration from classical mythology, poetry, and French history.

This catalogue represents an unprecedented survey of the artist’s works in bronze, oil, and watercolor, as well as sketches and preparatory drawings, drawn from the collection of the Walters Art Museum and supplemented by the Baltimore Museum of Art. The authors provide new findings on Barye’s life and career, his artistic innovations in both sculpture and painting, the response of contemporary critics, and the craft of bronze casting, as well as important documentary evidence on the business of manufacturing bronzes in 19th century France.

This publication accompanied an exhibition at the Walters Art Museum, February 11, 2007-May 6, 2007.

304 pages
11.8”h x 10.2”w