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Sacred Arts and City Life: The Glory of Medieval Novgorod

Edited by Yevgenia Petrova

With essays by Edward L. Keenan, Valentin Yanin and Elena Rybina, Simon Franklin, Tatyana Rozhdestvenskaya, Valentin A. Bulkin, Nadezhda Pivovarova, George P. Majestka, Engelina S. Smirnova, and Olga Klyukanova and Svetlana Novakovskaya-Bukhman

This catalogue, drawn from the collections of the State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg, and the Novgorod State Museum, features nearly 300 objects, including 35 icons that trace the material and artistic culture of the city of Novgorod from the 9th century through its apogee in the 14th century, to its eclipse by Moscow in the 16th. The material culture of this remarkable city is represented by items such as carved wood and bone objects, leather goods, jewelry, musical instruments, and birch bark documents; precious ecclesiastical objects -icons, metalwork, and textiles- from the city’s numerous churches and monasteries highlight the cultural achievements of Novgorod’s Golden Age.

This publication accompanied an exhibition at the Walters Art Museum, November 19, 2005-February 12, 2006.

272 pages
12.6”h x 9.8”w