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Courbet and the Modern Landscape

By Mary Morton and Charlotte Eyerman

While the large-scale figural works of Gustave Courbet’s early to mid-career are of single importance to the history of Western art, it is in the genre of landscape that the artist laid the groundwork for a vital current of Modernist painting. This catalogue accompanied the first major exhibition to address the artist’s extraordinary achievement in the genre of landscape painting. It illustrates a highly selective group of landscapes from 1855 to 1877, most of them from the 1860s, when Courbet discovered in the countryside of his native Franche-Comté and on the shores of the Normandy coast a consistently rich source of visual stimulation. Many of the paintings-from collections in Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Japan, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States-will be new to general readers of art history, and their juxtaposition will be a revelation to both experts and amateurs alike.

This publication accompanied an exhibition at the Walters Art Museum, October 15, 2006-January 7 2007.

152 pages
11.3”h x 9.9”w