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Part 1: stem to steAm: The Science of Art - Introduction: Using Science to Shed New Light on Art


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Join Walters conservators, scientists, and educators to learn about the many connections between science and art. Each session focuses on a different historical period and the examination techniques used by conservators and scientists that result in the care and treatment of Walters artworks. Sessions include gallery time, discussion and an introduction to science and arts integrated classroom activities.

Part 1:

Introduction:  Using Science to Shed New Light on Art *

This session will introduce the distinguishing properties of materials, including minerals, metals, ceramics, glass, and biomaterials. Participants will learn how Walters’ staff use light, both visible and non-visible parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, to discover the materials and processes of artistic production. Participants will explore scientific instrumentation, including techniques  to identify chemical elements, compounds, and mixtures. Case studies involving ancient Egyptian materials and the Archimedes Palimpsest will highlight discoveries achieved through scientific examination.

*Please note, the first session must be attended by all participants; however you can select among the following sessions that most appeal to you.