This year’s theme, Metamorphosis, unites depictions of growth and renewal throughout the Walters’ collection with the fashion of today, and commemorates the exciting events of 2018, including the opening of 1 West Mount Vernon Place, the Walters’ 19th-century mansion.

How you #TransformYourself for the Gala and Party is up to you. Here’s our guide if you need a little direction.

Life Cycles in Nature

The changing of the seasons, life cycles of plants, creatures, insects, and more have been thoroughly documented in art through the ages. Here are some examples from the collection that we have taken inspiration from for this year’s Gala and Party.


The peacock and its radiant plume has been used to represent many things in many cultures. In ancient India and Iran, the “rays” of its tail represent the “all-seeing” sun and the never-ending cycles of the universe.

The way a peacock grows new tail feathers every year became associated with Christ’s resurrection in the Christian faith.


Pieces from the collection befitting of the theme.