The Walters Art Museum

Resources for K-12 Teachers & Schools

School Programs at the Walters are designed to stimulate curiosity, invite participation, and encourage reflection about art as an important aspect of history, daily life, and human discovery. We support the development of 21st century skills through participant driven, interactive conversations surrounding works of art and provide resources and experiences that make the Walters’ collections accessible to PK-12 teachers and students. Sign up for our teacher e-newsletter.

Museum School Programs Brochure School Programs

A printable brochure of school tours, outreach visits, studio experiences and teacher programs.

Museum School Programs Brochure Plan a School Tour

Learn about our tours, classroom pre-visits, and studio programs.

Classroom Pre-Visits, Studios, and Stipends

Prepare students for museum visits, enhance guided tours with studios, learn about  bus stipends for Title 1 schools.

Integrating the Arts

Printable lesson plans and online activities integrate visual art into social studies, science, language arts, and math.

Teacher Programs

Discover innovative, collections-based learning experiences, and customized private professional development opportunities.

Homeschool Programs

Explore the Walters through workshops designed exclusively for homeschool students.

Resources for Teachers

Download lesson plans and resource kits.

Video Conferences

A museum educator will guide students through a virtual tour of the galleries while you share your comments and questions.