The Walters Art Museum


After you have booked your trip, make sure you ask yourself the following:

Have you read your confirmation letter? Sent prior to your visit, this letter contains important information specific to your group and tour. Please check that ALL the information is correct.

  • Have you reviewed important visit information with your students and chaperones?
  • Do you have the appropriate number of chaperones? We require a minimum of one chaperone per 10 students on guided tours, and one chaperone per five students on self-guided tours.
  • Have you distributed The Art of Chaperoning to all chaperones?
  • Have you separated your children into number-coded groups? See your confirmation letter for the appropriate number of groups. Name tags should be given to students prior to your visit with a number for each small group.
  • Have you scheduled the bus and given instructions to the driver? Please make sure your driver has DETAILED driving instructions and parking information.