The Walters Art Museum

Apply to Become a Docent

Use this form to apply to become a docent at the Walters Art Museum. Please complete the following steps:

Cover Letter

Please include a short letter expressing your interest and what you can personally bring to the Docent Program.


Contact Information


There is a time commitment required to feel confident and fully prepared to give tours. We also request that docents make a 3 year commitment to the program, including the time devoted to the training course.

Tour scheduling is flexible; however, we ask that docents be available to tour for 2 hours/week. Occasionally, the level of tour requests may require us to ask you for additional tour participation.

Please describe your relevant experience, which may include current or previous employment, professional projects, volunteer work or other work or endeavors related to art, public speaking experiences, working with children and adult groups, those with special/accessibility needs, or any related educational and teaching efforts. If you have been a docent before, please mention where and when.

Please give information on areas of personal interest that might aid your work as a docent. These may include literature, dance, popular culture, travel, nature, science, philanthropies, writing, collecting, storytelling, fluency in American Sign Language or other languages, participation in discussion groups, or visiting art museums and galleries.


Please name two references (no family members please).


All volunteers are requested to become members of the Walters Art Museum.

All applicants will be contacted by either e-mail or telephone. For more information, please contact: