Italian Renaissance Painting Intern

The Italian Renaissance Painting Intern will work with curators on didactics in support of a project provisionally titled, A Tale of Two Queens, Helen of Troy and Caterina of Venice. This intern will conduct research on the paintings, The Abduction of Helen (37.1178–37.1180). In addition the candidate will: 1) analyze the natural history details in the paintings, 2) compare the treatment of the island Cythera, dedicated to Venus, in the Walters’ painting and in Cossa’s fresco of the month of April in the Ducal Palace in Ferrara.

Experience/ Skills:

  • Good facility with Italian
  • Interest in a museum career

Preferred Major or Areas of Study:

  • MA with a focus on Italian, late medieval or early Renaissance art

In addition to the standard application materials, please provide a letter of recommendation and a writing sample by March 16, 2018.