The Walters Art Museum is unable to provide monetary appraisals or authenticate works of art in accordance with IRS guidelines.

We recommend that those seeking an appraisal consult an accredited appraiser in their area who is a member of a recognized professional society of appraisers. Professional appraiser organizations include the International Society of Appraisers, the American Society of Appraisers, the Appraisers Association of America and the Appraisers National Association.

International Society of Appraisers
1131 SW 7th St., Suite 105
Renton, WA 98055

American Society of Appraisers
11107 Sunset Hills Rd, Ste 310
Reston, VA 20190
(800) 272-8258
Email: [email protected]

Appraisers Association of America
212 West 35th Street, 11th Floor South
New York, NY 10001
(212) 889-5404
Email: [email protected]

Appraisers National Association
P.O. Box 2211
Huntington Beach, CA, 92647
(888) 262-2535
Email: [email protected]