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Community Events 

The Walters Art Museum hosts several Community Events and Celebrations throughout the year in collaboration with community members and partners. Held within the beautiful spaces of the museum, Community Events highlight the traditions and experiences of the diverse communities and cultures that comprise Baltimore. These events provide a relaxed atmosphere for everyone to take part in fun performances and educational art activities with their families. Outreach art activities focus on the development of art-making skills, art education and art appreciation, as well as showcasing the art of the Museum’s permanent collection and changing exhibitions.

Day of the Dead

Dia de los Muertos is a beautiful ritual in which Mexicans happily and lovingly remember their loved relatives that have died. Each year the museum hosts a community altar or ofrenda and invites members of the general public to bring mementos to leave in honor of their loved ones who have passed.
Preparation of the ofrenda begins in September and visitors are encouraged to leave their offerings at the museum the week prior to the annual FREE Day of the Dead Celebration, which varies between October or November. The annual Day of the Dead Celebration is a lively event featuring music, dancing, and art activities that will further the understanding of the Mexican culture.

Check the Walters calendar for more information on the Day of the Dead Celebration!

Chinese New Year

Chinese or Lunar New Year is celebrated across the world in coordination with the new moon, usually in January or February. Visitors come to the Walters to enjoy dance performances by the students and parents of the Baltimore Chinese School. The Johns Hopkins University Lion Dance Troupe will entertain all with the spectacular tradition that ensures good luck for all – the Lion Dance. During the dance fantastic and beautifully colored lions challenge each other and attempt to overcome evil by throwing lettuce to the audience. It is said that those who catch the lettuce will have a very good year. Children and their families will also have fun participating in Good Luck art activities.

Check the Walters calendar for more information on Chinese New Year!

International Family Day

International Family Day at the Walters is planned in close collaboration with Baltimore City Community College's Refugee Youth Project (RYP) and is a celebration of the diversity of Baltimore's many communities. International Family Day features a packed schedule of multi-cultural art activities, performances, youth art exhibitions, and is an end-of-the-school-year celebration for RYP youth. The Walters also invites representatives from social service organizations who work with refugee and immigrant communities to be on hand to inform and educate our visitors about Baltimore's international communities. 

Check the Walters calendar for more information on International Family Day!


Intercambio means an exchange of ideas in Spanish. Each Sunday, from September to May, FREE 90 minute bilingual tours are offered to the public. The first half of each tour is in Spanish with native speakers engaging their English speaking counterparts in vocabulary and discussions about pre-selected artworks. The second is in English so that those learning English may benefit from using the language in a safe, respectful environment. Visitors are encouraged to exchange, discuss, and share their rich knowledge of life, culture and art.

Check the Walters calendar for more information on Intercambio!