Art On Purpose: Heroes in Our Midst

September 16, 2009–January 03, 2010

Inspired by the Walters Art Museum’s Heroes exhibition and its emphasis on the myths of Herakles, Odysseus, Achilles and Helen, Art on Purpose presents Heroes in Our Midst, a project about modern-day Baltimore individuals who share attributes with the ancient Greek heroes highlighted in the Walters’ exhibition.

Art on Purpose, an organization dedicated to using art to bring people together around issues and ideas, presents a series of exhibitions and events in partnership with the Walters to explore, uncover and celebrate the lives of contemporary Baltimore heroes.

The first exhibition, A Thousand Ships, on view Sept. 16 to Nov. 8, 2009, is based on the heroism of Helen of Troy and will celebrate 12 individuals in Baltimore public schools whose inherent charisma has had life-altering impact on those who come to know them.

The second exhibition, Twenty Years of Wandering, on view from Nov. 11, 2009 to Jan. 3, 2010, is about the Odysseus-like heroism it takes for refugees, immigrants and the homeless to survive and thrive in Baltimore. It will feature artwork created by clients of several Baltimore social service organizations that serve the homeless and refugee populations.