Expanding Horizons: Recent Additions to the Drawings Collection

April 17, 2010–July 03, 2010

In 2009, the Joseph F. McCrindle Foundation presented to the Walters 23 works on paper by a number of 19th- century French artists. McCrindle was the founder of the Transatlantic Review and the publisher for such authors as W. H. Auden, Harold Pinter, John Updike and Iris Murdoch. His interests as a collector were wide-ranging: they included Old Master paintings and drawings as well as 19th-century works on paper. The Walters is among 30 institutions to benefit from his generous foresight. Drawings and watercolors from the McCrindle collection, by such artists as Delacroix, Meissonier, Dore and Gerome, will be exhibited along with several other recent donations.