Objects of Curiosity: What Will We Discover?


1 West Mount Vernon Place, Level 2

Museums all around the world collect and care for objects large and small, famous and nameless, and some that are complete mysteries. This installation presents a selection of objects from the Walters’ historic collection that members of our curatorial and conservation staff have unanswered questions about.

The first phase of the installation features 11 objects, including works such as Standing Warrior Holding a Sword, Table (Tabouret) with Enthroned Prince and Courtiers, and Mirror with Female Figure and Engraved Scene. Each room of the installation focuses on one of the key research questions curators and conservators ask when beginning to study an object: What is it? Why does it look like this? Is it authentic? Where does it belong? 

Answers to questions posed about the objects in the installation, as well as additional objects, will go on view in the second installment of Objects of Curiosity in February 2024.

Visitors will have the opportunity to shape the second phase of this two-part installation. Through interactives in Studio 1 West, visitors can explore the research process, share their thoughts, and submit their own curiosities.