Paintings for a Venetian Palace

April 06, 2019–December 31, 2019

This installation showcases a trio of 15th-century Italian paintings by artist Dario di Giovanni and reveals discoveries made during nearly a decade of technical and art-historical research on the works.

These monumental panels tell the story of the romance between the Spartan queen Helen and Paris, a prince of Troy. They were created to celebrate the wedding of Caterina Corner, who with her wedding became queen of Cyprus. A team of three Walters conservators and a curator worked together to bring these paintings to life in an installation suggestive of how Venetians in the Renaissance might have seen them.

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The Journal of the Walters Art Museum

The essays and two of the notes in Volume 74 focus on the results of a complex, multi-year investigation and treatment of three large-scale fifteenth-century panel paintings depicting the abduction of Helen of Troy.