Selections from Art of the Ancient Americas

February 28, 2023–August 27, 2023

Hackerman House at 1 West Mount Vernon Place, Mezzanine

The Walters Art Museum is proud to introduce an intimate installation of works from the museum’s Art of the Americas collection. Featuring 13 works from Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Peru, and Colombia, Selections from the Art of the Americas speaks to themes of spiritual and physical transformation, plant and animal life, and the commemoration of ancestors.

“Art of the Americas art is either shown through an anthropological lens or on a purely aesthetic basis, in a jewel-box setting,” said Ellen Hoobler, William B. Ziff Jr., Associate Curator of the Art of the Americas. “This exhibition seeks to use thematic cases to tell stories that are relatable to people today, by showing that ancient American art responded to many of the same concerns as people today have: the mysteries of life and death, yes—but also what to wear, how to have fun, and what was for dinner.”

The Walters holds over 750 works in Art of the Americas, with particular strength in works from Mesoamerica (modern-day Mexico, Guatemala, and parts of Central America). This installation of works from pre-Hispanic Latin America presents a limited selection from the upcoming permanent galleries of art by Latin American and Latino creators that will open at the Walters Art Museum in the fall of 2024 in the North Court galleries just off of the Sculpture Court.