Sonya Clark: Loose Strands, Tight Knots

June 28, 2008–September 21, 2008

Listen to Marc Steiner’s recent interview with Sonya Clark on the Center for Emerging Media podcast

Tools used to groom, primp, preen, and adorn the body provide a wealth of information about cultural notions of beauty and aesthetics, hygiene and civilized behavior. This exhibition will feature approximately 20 works of sculpture, beadwork, photography, and video art by contemporary artist Sonya Clark in tandem with selected objects from the collection of the Walters Art Museum. All will express in their creative process and/or material composition a relationship with shifting—often highly subjective—notions of beauty. Expressing her concern for the function of art and objects in material culture, Clark creates works that engage the organic life of the object, as well as her concerns for its heritage and legacy. Born in Washington, DC, Sonya Clark was a longtime Baltimore resident. She is currently Chair of Craft and Material Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.