Sacred Arts and City Life: The Glory of Medieval Novgorod

November 19–February 12, 2006

As the only U.S. venue, this Walters’ exhibition features 291 objects, including 35 icons, that reveal the art and culture of Russia’s oldest medieval city-Veliky Novgorod or Novgorod the Great. With an array of icons, sculpture, textiles, metalwork and archeological finds, the exhibition will trace the artistic and material culture of Novgorod from the ninth century, through its Golden Age in the 14th century, to its eclipse by Moscow in the 16th century. Precious ecclesiastical objects from Novgorod’s numerous churches highlight the cultural achievements of its Golden Age. By integrating the finds of ongoing archeological excavations with the magnificent icons created for Novgorod’s many churches, the exhibition brings visitors face to face with the material culture of the city’s citizens and the saints to whom they looked for protection. This exhibition was organized by the Walters in collaboration with the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg and the Novgorod Museum Federation.

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