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Postcards From the Walters

Gary Vikan in the radio studio

Each week, former Director Gary Vikan explored the cultural and historical treasures of the museum. Postcards From the Walters is a weekly radio segment, on Baltimore's WYPR radio and also available as a podcast. The segment features stories about the lives and the collection that make the legends of the Walters Art Museum. Catch the next broadcast, on Monday morning at 9:35 a.m.

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Uncle Jimmy Rediscovered Artist

April 12th, 2010

While rummaging through an art gallery in Paris more than 40 years ago, James O'Toole noticed a painting of grey clad troops marching past a column on a rainy day.

The Marc Steiner Show

February 18, 2010

Marc talks with Gary Vikan, Director of the Walters Art Museum, Stephen Fisher, Collector, and Robert Mintz, Associate Curator of Asian Art at the Walters about their new exhibit, highlighting Japanese Cloisonne Enamels from the Stephen W. Fisher Collection.

The Case of the Missing Case

November 30, 2009

I love to give after-hours tours of the Walters for small groups, but over the years I've tried to follow two rules. 

Henry Walters' Will

November 23, 2009

Henry Walters' enormous gift of 1931.

It's My Party and I'll No-Show if I Want To

November 16, 2009

Henry Walters probably was pleased, but we'll never know. He was, after all, almost pathologically shy.

Portrait of the Founder

November 9, 2009

It appears that he has not shaved for several days and he looks very tired.

Stolen Art at the Walters!

November 6, 2009

Ahead of Gary Vikan's public discussion with Noah Charney at the Walters on November 7, WYPR invited him to preview the topics in an on-air chat with Noah (by phone) for their Maryland Morning segment. Noah Charney is the author of the novel The Art Thief and director of the Association for Research into Crimes against Art.

Betrayed by the "Blind Cracks"

November 2, 2009

Their answer was both quick and unequivocal: 'No way is the Rubens Vase going to Australia!''Why?' I asked. 'Blind Cracks,' they said.

What a Dump!

October 26, 2009

There are times in the life of any museum when things are just not what they should be.

There's an Alligator in the Elevator!

October 19, 2009

Walters curators are known for their creative ways of presenting the past.

Dead Cat

October 12, 2009

There are lots of things about being a museum director that are unexpected, in some cases simply fun.

Brutal Stairs

October 5, 2009

The next time you enter the Walters Art Museum by way of its original bronze doors on North Charles Street, stop at the threshold and look around for a minute. My guess is that you'll be struck by two quite contradictory feelings.

One-foot Jesus

September 28, 2009

That tip of the right foot of Jesus had come off before!


September 21, 2009

It's rare for an art museum to become the stage for a political protest.

A Nearly Perfect Match

September 7, 2009

Baltimore is blessed with two historical art museums with complementary collections.

Patriarchal Kiss

August 31, 2009

In October 1997, Baltimore and the Walters were honored to receive a very special guest.

JP Morgan

August 25, 2009

Henry Walters and JP Morgan were two of the greatest financiers and art collectors of America's "Gilded Age."

Lost and Found

August 20, 2009

Both father and son--William T. and Henry Walters—loved academic paintings.

The First Walters

August 17, 2009

Before there was The Walters, there was The Walters Public Bath.

A Hunk o' Burnin' Love

August 10, 2009

What does Elvis Presley have to do with the Walters?