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Time Sanctified: The Book of Hours in Medieval Art and Life

By Roger S. Wieck
Essays by LawrenceR. Poos, VirginiaReinburg, and John Plummer

Illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance contain some of the most glorious masterpieces created during this period. Within the pages of these hand-painted treasures, culture and civilization flourished. The most popular, by far, and among the most exquisite are Books of Hours, prayer books for the laity. Time Sanctified tells the story of these splendid manuscripts, drawing primarily on examples from the Walters Art Museum, which has one of the largest and finest collections of Books of Hours in the world. The contributions of these four authors, authorities on Books of Hours, guide the reader through a detailed description of the contents of Books of Hours, discussions on their social context, the role of Books of Hours in late medieval piety, and essential textual analysis.

This publication accompanied an exhibition at the Walters Art Museum, April 23, 1988-July 17, 1988.

230 pages
11”h x 8.5”w