The Walters Art Museum

Teacher Resource Kits

Teacher Resource Kits are essential resources for teachers who are preparing students for a visit to the Walters, seeking background information on our permanent collection or need lesson plans and activities for the classroom.

Newly Revised Kits Include

  • Images in one of three formats: slides, transparencies, or CD-Rom
  • Image essays, activity sections for all grade levels, and resource sections for both students and teachers
  • Ideas on how to integrate the arts into your curriculum

Revised Kits are Available for Purchase or Loan

  • Cost to purchase: Educator members $45 per kit; non-members $55 per kit
  • Cost to borrow: Free one-month loan
  • Look for the stars (*) in the resource kit selection below to see which kits are available in the new format. Selections without a star (*) are only available with slides and may not be purchased.

Borrowing Policy

A valid credit card number is required to borrow Teacher Resource Kits. A $25 fee will be charged for kits that are returned up to one month late. Borrowers will be charged the purchase price of the kit ($55) if materials are returned more than one month late.

Resource Kit Selections

These kits are available in revised format and for instant download.

Available in Slide Format Only

  • African Art
  • Age of Exploration
  • Ancient Greek and Roman Art
  • Ancient Near Eastern Art
  • Arts of Japan
  • Arts of India
  • Ethiopian Art
  • Renaissance Art
  • World Religion and Mythology

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