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Classroom Activities Including Art Lesson Plans and Art Projects for Kids

Borrow one of our newly designed Teacher Resource Kits (TRK) which will help teachers prepare students for a visit to the Walters, enhance classroom activities with educational lessons focusing on our collections, and child friendly art projects. The TRK includes helpful art projects and educational resources which are designed for kids in all grade levels � primary, elementary, middle, and high school. They have been designed to be used before and after your trip to the Walters, or even if you are not planning a trip to the museum at all.

Teachers can select the educational resources in one of three formats: slides, transparencies, or CD Rom. All include art lesson plans, art projects, information about the collections, and other educational materials designed to enhance the classroom curriculum or museum visit. Teachers can also access a variety of Pre and Post Visit Activities through this website.

Designed with teachers in mind, the following resources are available to you online or in print.

Borrow a TRK today and keep it for a month, free of charge. Prepare your students for a visit to the museum or enhance classroom activities with new lessons, child art projects, and images.

Prepare your students for their tour at the Museum and continue their experience when you return to the classroom.

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