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Opening Day Talk: Reliquaries in Medieval Christianity


Sunday, February 13, 2011


02:00 PM–03:00 PM

Opening Day Talk: Reliquaries in Medieval Christianity

Medieval Christians venerated saints; their bodily remains were often displayed in special containers, known as reliquaries. Covered in gold and silver and embellished with gems and semiprecious stones, reliquaries proclaimed the special status of their sacred contents to worshipers and pilgrims.

In this opening day talk, exhibition curator Martina Bagnoli will discuss the magnificent reliquaries in Treasures of Heaven: Saints, Relics, and Devotion in Medieval Europe. These finely crafted works of art were used for centuries and played an essential role in medieval Christian practice. This talk will highlight the ways these works of art reflect Christian traditions and will discuss the role of saints as advocates during the middle ages.