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Gallery Talk: Hybrid Texts: The Walters' Collection of Rare Incunabula


Thursday, April 2, 2015


06:30 PM–07:15 PM

Gallery Talk: Hybrid Texts: The Walters

Five hundred years after Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, we may have lost sight of the chaos that reigned in the book world following the debut of his new machine. While some chose to adopt the then-new technology, others protested its use or even predicted its quick demise. Join Lynley Herbert, Robert and Nancy Hall Assistant Curator of Rare Books and Manuscripts, as she discusses selections from the Walters’ collection of incunabula: mash-ups of half-printed, half-hand-drawn books that serve as evidence of the rough transition the world made from manuscript to printed book.

This talk celebrates the exhibition From Pen to Press: Experimentation and Innovation in the Age of Print.

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