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Sunday, October 02, 2011


Return From Amnesia

Public Talk to Coincide with Puzzles of the Brain

What: Return from Amnesia
Lonni Sue Johnson is a successful artist, who suffered severe amnesia resulting from an attack of encephalitis in late 2007. The illness caused substantial brain damage, resulting in the complete loss of artistic productivity. Since then, her mother and fellow artist Margaret Kennard Johnson, has been helping her regain her drawing ability. This discussion describes the dramatic transformations in Lonni Sue Johnson’s recovery art. By sharing her courageous story, cognitive scientist Mike McCloskey and Margaret Kennard Johnson reveal how art and science inform our understanding of memory and creativity.
The Walters Art Museum
Sunday, October 2, 2–3:30
Media Contact
Amy Mannarino, 410-547-9000, ext. 277,
Photo Credit
Lonni Sue Johnson, Clothes that Hang up in the Closet (Puzzle 100), ca. December 2008, pencil on paper, 8.75” x 6”, Copyright © Lonni Sue Johnson 2008