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Sunday, October 30, 2011


Central Asian Throat Singing — The Alash Ensemble: Tuvan Xöömeizhi!

The Alash Ensemble: Tuvan Xöömeizhi!

What: The Alash Ensemble: Tuvan Xöömeizhi!
Don’t miss the remarkable Alash Ensemble’s first Baltimore stop. Performing the ancient tradition of throat singing (xöömei in Tuvan) that was developed among nomadic herding people, this music is seldom heard beyond Central Asia.
The Alash Ensemble are masters of the remarkable ancient technique known as Tuvan throat singing. Producing simultaneous multiple vocal pitches, with melodic instrumentation provided by traditional hand-made Tuvan instruments (the Igil, Byzaanchy, Chadagan, Doshpuluur and others) the ensemble’s performance will be interspersed with narrative descriptions and translations.  Reflective of its rich heritage, this ancient tradition was developed among nomadic herding people who lived in yurts, traveled on horseback, raised yaks, camels and sheep, and lived closely to the land. Polyphonic throat singing produces simultaneous multiple harmonic pitches, and scientists measuring frequencies of throat singer’s brains have shown synchronistic brainwaves similar to those produced during silent meditation. This phenomenon is believed to stimulate similar a brainwave/meditative response in the audience, echoing to the art and science theme of the Walters autumn exhibitions.
The Walters Art Museum
Sunday, October 30, 12:30–2 p.m.
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